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If you bored with Train Simulator's monotonous clatter in the cab view, you can download from here a solution of it. The sound files are the original Trainsim "Sound"-library files, but you can overwrite appropriate "sms" files. I think it isn'nt unnecessary to make a backup of the original ones... (130 kB)

Have you ever realized that funny incident the trains in the TS are running without driver?

I have a solution of this problem as you can see on the screenshots, my own models are running also with driver. The method I developed unfortunately isn't correct for all of the models can be downloaded.

The essence of this method based on the option "FreightAnim()" applied on steam engines' tender. This can be taken all of the rolling stock, but the vertical animation don't operate anyway, that is unnecessary for us. I made a guy (Hapsi in Hungarian :-) by gmax program, after that I had to position him, than export "hapsi.s" to the appropriate loco's folder. The texture "hapsi.ace" must be pasted there too after modified properly using TgaTool. Finally the line "FreightAnim ( hapsi.s 1 1 )" must be written to the loco's *.eng file before the Lights definition. At the next start the train will have a driver... oh, it's a little bit complicated isn't it? You can play with it a little.

I tried this method on the Kiha 31 railcar and it was working. I met models downloaded from the TS archives I couldn't see the guy over the windows...

The guy with his accessories can be downloaded here maybe you can play with him too. (221 kB)

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